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Gaming with LYNQ + MacBook Pro (late 2016)

Nothing beats the graphics on the new MacBook Pro with even the most demanding games out there. We recently tested the MacBook Pro 15" with X-Plane 11 beta (www.x-plane.com) and used LYNQ to connect our tried and tested MicroSoft flight stick.

If you own similar joysticks, steering wheels, pedals or yokes, you'll know they are all the (Type A) USB we're used to. In the case of XPlane or other flight and driving simulators, you need multiple USB ports to connect your controllers; requiring at least two USB ports.

LYNQ is helpful in these situations. First, you get the three USB ports to connect all those controllers and you can use the HDMI out to a TV for a more immersive experience.

If you're alight simulator fan, and own or planning to own a new MacBook Pro, remember the traditional USB ports you are used to are gone.. gone.. gone! The LYNQ USB-C multi-port hub is ideal for making all your existing add-ons work without getting new ones. Plus, with the additional ports, you can connect even more while charging your MacBook Pro for hours of fun.

Check out XPlane Flight Simulator here: www.x-plane.com

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