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Get more ports for MacBook Pro (with touch bar) 2016 with LYNQ

It's no secret Apple has launched the new and beautifully designed MacBook Pro 13" and 15" laptops targeting creative professionals and enthusiasts. It features a thinner design, faster subsystem, graphics and more – but something (major) is missing. Apple's move to the "one port to rule them all" peripheral connectivity has left many prosumers scratching their head.

Unlike MacBook Pro's of yesterday, the new MacBook Pro does not provide the usual suite of ports we've loved over the years. Instead, the move to Thunderbolt 3 / USB C has pretty much eliminated simple plug-n-play connectivity of our current devices. Now, owners of the new MacBook Pro may need dongles costing more than $200 combined.

LYNQ was designed in anticipation of such a move by Apple. It brings back the ports we need for the devices we own – without the need for new cables or multiple dongles. With LYNQ you get it all in one compact package – it gives you three standard USB ports, an SD slot, microSD slot (which you can use for additional portable storage), an HDMI 4K port, a gigabit Ethernet port (yes Ethernet) and a USB Type C port with charge through capabilities. That's all the ports you will ever need.

LYNQ is made with premium aluminum to match the new MacBook Pro's design and comes in a Space Grey like finish. It's compact, lightweight and durable enough to withstand the demands of the mobile lifestyle.

Testing is on the way with the new MacBook Pro 13" with the 15" to follow. Visit LYNQnow.com and subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when LYNQ will be available for order.

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