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What USB Type-C means for the next MacBook Pro and users.

There is no question Apple is poised to roll out USB Type-C on its future laptops. With the current MacBook 12", Apple has already placed it into the hands of customers to gauge both reaction and real-world adoption. The true test is about to be challenged with the next generation MacBook Pro.

Industry rumblings seem to indicate the imminent release of a USB Type-C equipped MacBook Pro. Thus, it's safe to assume that Apple will continue to embrace USB Type-C moving forward and integrate it across its entire lineup of products.

USB Type-C plays well into Apple's simplistic approach towards product design, acting as a sort of "one port to rule them all" solution. It's super fast, high-powered, compact and compatible with all USB standards. Like the current MacBook 12", you will be able to charge your MacBook Pro via USB Type-C too!

There is no question that the move to USB Type-C will impact many Pro users who depend on USB ports for various rigs and add-ons. Take for example digital audio and video professionals who use USB dongles, MIDI keyboards, USB cameras and other devices. Without a way to connect to the new MacBooks, their gear is pretty much dead weight.

Other examples may be the ease of connecting your DSLR's SD card to the new MacBook Pro. To save space and cost, Apple is poised to omit this convenient slot. Of course, selling a slew of adapters to meet each need is part of the larger game plan for Apple.

Apple USB Type-C to Type-A adapter is currently available but very limited in port options. It's also pricey for what you get.

Multi-ports hubs like LYNQ (currently seeking funding on INDIEGOGO), aims to bridge the gap with old and new. LYNQ will provide Pro users all the ports they need like legacy USB, Gigabit Ethernet and the USB Type-A we are all used to. LYNQ even offers SD-Card and microSD slots. Its microSD card slot can conceal a high-capacity microSD turning it into a portable USB Type-C powered backup drive. It also lets you charge you laptop via a USB Type-C pass-through.

Having the right expansion hub available alongside the new MacBook will make the transition fairly painless. LYNQ is powered when connected to the MacBook and provides power through to connected devices via standard USB ports utilizing its pass through power architecture. When connected to a USB type-C charger ports are externally powered, and the MacBook's battery will be charged from the wall.

You can learn more about LYNQ at LYNQnow.com or visit the campaign on INDIEGOGO.

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