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More Ports = More Memory too!

While many USB type-C equipped laptops and tables are slim and compact, they can't dimensionally afford many of the ports we're used to. The smaller size also limits available memory and usually means having to spend much more for larger internal storage configurations. This is where LYNQ comes in.

Alongside the common SD card reader, LYNQ also has a microSD reader. Insert a high-capacity, high speed MicroSD card, and LYNQ becomes your portable external solid state drive.

Every time you connect LYNQ to your computer, the microSD's memory is available to you and mounts like any connected drive. You can save and retrieve up to 2 Terabytes of data from a single MicroSD card quickly and conveniently. This means videos, photos and any large multimedia file can be moved from your laptop's internal drive to LYNQ.

In the case of the Apple MacBook 12", your existing external drive is not be able to connect to it without a Type-C adapter. With LYNQ, you can connect your MacBook and your existing external hard drives to transfer commonly accessed files to a microSD card. Now your files are available every time you use LYNQ with your MacBook.

LYNQ is designed to work with any Apple, ChromeBook or tablet PC featuring USB Type-C connectors. MicroSD cards are sold separately and come in various capacities and speed. We recommend high-capacity SDXC cards with 90mb/sec or more such as the SanDisk Ultra 200GB card.

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